Practical Cryptocurrency Workshop for Beginners

Start the year off right by learning the basics of cryptocurrency. This is a casual workshop focused on engaging like minded folks, to help build a strong and healthy learning environment for cryptocurrencies in Pittsburgh(Soon to be known as Bitsburgh).

You will get hands on experience with Verge mobile and desktop applications. Please bring your smart phone, laptop, storage device, or all three if available. In addition, you will create your very own paper wallets to demonstrate “cold storage”.

This is not an investment seminar and I am not trying to sell you bitcoin. It is a free event to prove how easy it is to use and transact with cryptocurrencies.

I am not a financial adviser (Although I should be, cause if anyone cared to listen to me about this stuff we’d all be rich AF). Common knowledge suggests that get rich quick schemes are usually scams. I want to show folks the true value in this new technology is the knowledge itself, and the empowerment that comes with knowing.

Event Details: